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Wall Art Service

Wall Art Service

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This purchase is a service fee to get a National Park Panel detailed and embellished into a hanging wall art piece. This does NOT include the National Park Panel. That must be purchased separately. This service includes:  Cotton batting, fabric liner backing, slots to slip the custom wood dowel rod that has a cotton cord attached to it. There are three levels of details you may order: Classic, Delixe or Premium

Still need to pick which National Park panel you would like embellished for your Wall Art? Check them out HERE

Artwork by a variety of Artists from Anderson Design Group © Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights Reserved. Licensed by Fabric print by Riley Blake Designs I take the fabrics and embellish them in multiple ways so you may hang them around as decorations or wear it on a jacket. 


How Custom Orders Work

First you will want to pick which National Park Panel you would like and add it to your cart. Each panel has a 100% cotton interfacing ironed on so it doesn't fray and gives it more weight. If you are a fellow seamstress, you are more than welcome to embellish it yourself however you'd like. There are also 18" magnetic hangers available for purchase if you decide to hang it how it is as wall art. (DO NOT buy the magnetic hanger if you add "National Park Wall Art Service" to your cart).

National Park Panels

Buy One  $20
Buy Two $35
Buy Three $50


Next, you may decide to have the National Park Panel backed with cotton batting, fabric, and a custom hanger "National Park Wall Art Service" for $65 or sewn onto a jacket "National Park Jacket Service" for $60. Once you decide which of the two you would like, there are different levels of embellishment details you may choose from.

Product Type

 Wall Art $65- includes: Cotton batting, fabric liner backing, slots to slip the custom wood dowel rod that has a cotton cord attached to it.
Jacket $60- includes: attaching the panel to a jacket by top stitching the top and bottom along with a satin stitch on both sides of the panel. Does NOT include the jacket.


Level of Detail

Classic: $0- I do not add any extra detail to the National Park panel
Deluxe: $80- Added satin stitching and some machine stitch details

$140- Added satin stitching, lots of machine stitching, some hand stitch details

Finally, if you chose the National Park Jacket Service, please note that this does not cover the cost of the jacket. You are welcome to shop my vintage, preowned collection of jackets and add it to your cart, or you can send me a specific jacket you want embellished. If you decide to send me your own jacket, please make sure it is clean and ready to be embellished. If I receive it and it's dirty, I will have to charge a $15 cleaning fee. If you do not have a jacket you want to send me and I don't currently have a jacket you like, I can get details of what you would like and try to source one for you. Please remember that I do not buy brand new jackets in hopes to try and slow down the fashion industry. I even recommend you shop your local thrift stores if you want to find a jacket yourself to have me embellished. I am more than happy to deep clean the new-to-you jacket upon arrival or tell you how I deep clean my thrifted jackets myself. 

All custom orders will receive an email to go over the details to make sure you and I are on the same page. Orders will be worked on in the order they were received upon payment. If you need it rushed, feel free to reach out to me, but there will be a rush fee if I can accommodate your requested timeframe.

If you have any further questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email: 

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